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Creative - Experiential - Stand Design

The Brief

While working at Brand and Deliver I was asked to create an experiential experience for Dell.

Their requirements were...

•A joint gaming & consumer experiential activation where customers can get hands on with our products

• Activated throughout Q4 during Black Friday & key gifting times

• Located in London in high footfall areas

• ‘What are we doing that’s different’ – Key internal shout for Dell to ensure standout

• Push on social media

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Empower the next generation.

Progress lives at the intersection

of technology and humanity.

Our connected world is undergoing its latest digital

transformation—changing industries and creating

fundamental shifts in the way we work and live.

To shape this brighter future, we’re bringing together

the industry’s best technologies with our customer obsessed

culture to empower the next generation

of business leaders, doctors, teachers, engineers,

entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

CREATIVE ROUTe - Alienwear

We're Game.

We’re not escaping reality.

We’re redefining it. One passion

Unites us all: getting lost in

The game. Whether we’re going

In solo or with a team, online

Or off, amassing points or

Conquering worlds-we answer

Every challenge the same way.

We're game.

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Not everyone is the same.

But it's human nature to want to thrive.

To be the best you can be.

To win.

Sometimes we need a little helping hand.

Something else to help share the burden. Whether it be in

business or leisure we have a perfect solution.

You have two options, but that is all you need.

Both are at the top of their game

and either will help you to succeed.

You unlock their full potential.

Everything you need to succeed at your fingertips.

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An immersive room in Old Street station that gets people hands on with both sets of products. This will include a branded projection mapped climbing wall to draw in a crowd and create some competition and a bit of a buzz, a takeover of all four exit tunnels and the digital banners going up the escalator.

I also created a stand using the same features so it could be positioned in shopping centres like Westfield, the key to this is so people can experience the products and be in close proximity to a shop for impulse buys in the lead up to Christmas.

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The climbing wall featured on the stand will draw in the crowds. It is the perfect photo opportunity

for people who like to share their photos and their experiences on social media.

Each person that plays will be given a branded gift to takeaway. The ultimate prize will be a computer gift pack featuring Dell and Alienware, in order to gain this prize the person with the quickest time will have to post a photo of their experience on social media to qualify for an entry.

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It is well known that food is a very instgramable. We want to give away branded doughnuts to each

participant not only as a thank you, but this paired with a distinctive hashtag are the perfect items to get people sharing. If we don't get people sharing with the climbing wall photos this is a second chance.

There will be two types of doughnuts (Dell or Alienware) to reinforce the branding of the event.
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