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Branding - Print - Website - Social Media

Hilsea Tyres is a Portsmouth base tyre fitters. When starting the business, they needed a logo that was bold and eye catching, “something that would stand out on the side of a van driving at speed” was my brief”. As well as being bold the logo had to translate well across all mediums and sit well on automotive sector. Giving the outer ring a metallic finish gave the logo the perfect feel. Green was used for the outer ring because green donates trust which is perfect for a local family run business. As well as creating the logo. I also designed and manage their website and social media channels while making sure they rank well on Google using AdWords. The website is a simple one-page blog style anchored nav page meaning users can quickly and easily get the information they need. Social media is a huge part of adverting for this company, it’s the perfect way to get the word out to local people and there has been a huge uptake since I launched the channels a few weeks ago.  

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