Branding - Ident - UX-UI - App Design  

 Design isn't about using stock images and adding a few words. It’s about giving a brand personality! That’s why whenever I approach a branding job I make sure I know as much as possible about the person/company so I can make sure their key values come across in the logo. That is the only thing that will make it stand out. Sooooo... When I was approached by I local personal trainer to help develop his brand I was super excited. Fitness is an oversaturated market and one I LOVE so I wanted the brand to be about more than just dumbbells and running silhouettes. Justin is a pretty big guy and always trains wearing a backwards cap and overhead headphones. BOOM... that was the angle I wanted to go with to make this brand personal to him and his clients. It was lots of fun and I hope you like it. I also hope you agree, this should for sure stand out in the fitness world!