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"Stuff That Stuff Is Made Of"

During my time at Brand and Deliver I designed some shop windows to promote LG's latest TV's.

The Brief

Selfridges is a shop selling ‘stuff’ so lets take a closer look at the very materiality of that ‘stuff’. What materials or properties are used in making the ‘stuff’. Handmade or technologically manufactured. Who are the people and what are the skills. What are the procedures and processes needed to bring the ‘stuff‘ to life.

How can we translate the story of ‘stuff’ visually and creatively? Explore the origins and life of ‘stuff’ to bring out a physical representation. Create a scene to tell the story using appropriate props, mannequins, materiality and product.

Highlight themes, if applicable, of sustainability, recycling and circular systems, re-using, up-cycling, environmentally friendly, eco-system enhancing or clean production processes.

Window One

The new technology used in the latest LG TV means that when black is being displayed on the screen the pixels are off. This means there is no light pollution from the  surrounding pixels helping to emphasise the brightness of the other colours resulting in a much sharper picture. One issue faced while creating this display was the location. Oxford Street is bombarded with advertisements so it is hard to get peoples attention. Most people will be either walking past or on a bus and if you are lucky enough to get there attention, the message needs to be clear. Window one shows self lighting pixels made from acrylic boxes against jet black squares to emphasize that "Perfect black creates perfect colour"

Window Two

Window Two

This window is also very simple for exactly the same reason. The key to this design is to highlight how thin the TV is. This product talks for itself so it needed very few props. The coloured acrylic sheets were designed to draw the viewers eye into the stunning LG video content. The sheets were also the same thickness as the TV to highlight the ultra thin USP.



LG required a premium and adaptable stand design with an interactive and competitive element for two Dixons events.

As a valued supplier LG were be showcasing their ThinkQ AI products to top managers and senior retail field team.

I created create a visually impressive stand that showcases LG products and their abilities effectively. The stand aim of the space was to connect products to the delegates. The print creative was from the LG’s Q4 OLED ThinQ campaign. The creative for LG’s latest campaign follows a consistent style that is brought to life by ThinQ’s pink and purple ‘dot-dash’ animation.

The final build


 Art Direction: Tyler Berry

Creative: Gemma Holloway

3D Stand : Gemma Holloway

Asset Creation: Gemma Holloway

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